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now to jacqui jeras. >> slight risk this afternoon of. damaging of that's the most widespread concern. there is quiet whether this morning. but none of itl, is strong. it is generally light. we picked up as much as a 10th in the district to as much as three-quarters of an inch to the west. along interstate 81 and west word is where the rain is coming down. in throughoutling the day. the rain will be heavy at times. as much as one or two inches. suppress thunderstorms in the -- severe thunderstorms possible in e afternoon and evening. slight chance of a tornado. there's better weather expected on wednesday. temperatures will stay in the rainay with a lot of and storms on and off. here's jamie with traffic. >> its pretty calm. no problems in virginia around the beltway.
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to and across the 14th street and the 66 and the greenway and toll roads in good shape. 95 in fredericksburg toward stafford, northbound between route 3 and route 17, a couple incidents have been cleared. no delays associated with it. across the occoquan out of dale city through lorton and newington, lanes are open. the maryland beltway has no reported problems. prince george's, anne arundel, quiet.ery, all back to you. >> thank you. we start with a distraction on the campaign trail. nominee mitt romney defending comments that he made during a fund-raiser in h he said 47% of all americans believe they are entitled to. government's outside theer is white house with more on reaction to this. >> good morning. the white house romney would like to the next four years. about this newly
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released video. this is the tape taking center stage for the romney campaign as the presidential explain thes to he made at a fund- raiser in may. much of the images are obscure the video he says a will voteamericans for president obama no matter what. there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. late monday night romney said this. >> of course individuals will responsibility for their lives and my campaign is about people take more responsibility and becoming employed again. >> president obama's campaign said it is shocking that president ofor states would go behind aosed doors and declared to donors thatlthy people see american
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victims entitled are not willing take personal responsibility for their lives these are just snippets of the made during were the event. romney is asking that the entire event remarks be released so people can hear the e asked andhat wer his responses. something we will continue to follow throughout the day. on nd his wife will be d michael"h kelly an today on a pre taped interview. >> we will have to wait and see running mate will react to the comments paul ryan. n in new hampshire this morning and then to newport news, virginia, to speak at the university. will speakrning he at a factory in danville. >> president obama turned to a to raise cash for his campaign. his wife singer beyonce will host a fund-raiser the president today in new york.
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tonight obama will appear on the late show with david letterman. vice-president joe biden will campaign in iowa. the president will visit prince county on friday, but he stop in woodbrige and not manassas. walt, an islamic group carried out a suicide attack near, beale air force to protest the film that mocks the prophet muhammad. rammed asuicide bomber sedan filled with explosives into a mini bus, killing at least nine people. the bus was believed to be carrying foreign aviation to the airport. a montgomery county during will deliberate in the trial of a for killiy ranger his iraq war veteran roommate. >> gary smith admits to killing e and is on trial for time. for a second
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deliberations willtio continue today. they shared an apartment after returning from war. chris smith initially told police an intruder came into the home and fatally shot 22-year- old michael mcqueen. later changed the story to suicide. i regret his life was taken. no verdict and change that. >> smith was convicted in 2008, but the verdict overturned on a technicality. >> he was funny and smart and to go to college had everything in front of him. >> there's no clear evidence the two had a fight that night. you can supposedly here smith admitting to the on a police interrogation tape. a retrialy was the admitted testimony of the police officer
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describing the state of mind of gary smith after the death. live in rockville, john gonzalez. it's tuesday morning. ahead, prince george's county police make a break in a ahead, prince george's county [ male announcer ]k in a for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around thisne corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. on their own are amazing, but press out some biscuit dough, add some sauce and some pepperoni and cheese and monday's dinner is now a grands mini pizza party.
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>> let's get a check on the forecast. humidity rising. >> the concern is the today coulds later become severe. looking at the winter damaged as the primary threat. wind in excess of 60 miles an could bring down tree limbs or cause power outages. we cannot rule out an isolated tornado. afternoon into the early is the highest likelihood is when severe storms will occur. in the meantime, light rain off to our west. the highest numbers i could in the last 24 hours, almost three-h of an inch of that's a fair amount. in the district we have only had about the extent of an inch. looking for cloudy skies today, showers and thunderstorms, severe later today, f 76-81.perature o
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the extended forecast shows much cooler temperatures tomorrow. the sun comes back out with skies, highs in the low 70's. another taste of all around the corner. wet -- the streets overnight.m how with traffic, jamie? >> they are behaving on the greenway and the toll road. 66 and getting up to the beltway with no trouble the same story. leaving the beltway, 395. moving well. looks good ports the nation's capital pass to the pentagon. d betweenoun fredericksburg and stafford, two accidents, both cleared the travel lane. not find much of a delay. 95 between baltimore and the directionsboth looking good. as road spray and that will be a factor. add extra time to your commute.
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back to you. >> thank you. more details will be revealed today about the planned to former president eisenhower. it will be built south of the national mall 1 four acres between independence avenue and the u.s. education department. the eisenhower family and others dissatisfaction with the design. a discussion session will take the national press club beginning at 10:00 this morning. 5:11, 69 degrees. much warmer than yesterday. >> the iphone 5 is the must have for the fall. >> the iphone 5 is the must have for the fall. how excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 5:14. taking our top stories. republic in nominee mitt romney involved controversy as a video telling wealthy nearly half of all americans believe they are victims entitled to government support. romney hood misty cook made the and in amore clearly more effective manner. at least nine people killed in a attack in afghan capital. eight of the victims were foreigners who worked for an aviation company. e militant group says it attack tot the
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protest the film mocking the prophet muhammad. during deliberations resume formern the retrial of a army ranger is charged with killing his roommate. gary smith accused of killing michael mcqueen in 2006. convicted in 2008, but overturned. >> around prince george's in the a man wanted of his ex-ath girlfriend is in custody. michael stewart was arrested last night. he got into a confrontation with britt mchenry she works,lub where death. before her she was found shot to death in a sunday morning vehicle. shot but willwas be ok. investigators looking for answers after an apparent suicide in spotsylvania county. david anderson shot his sister reeves inside their home yesterday and then shot her again as she ran for help. anderson then shot and killed whenother jean anderson house.e out of the turned the gun on
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himself. say the area is usually safe. i cannot believe that. that does not happen here. >> it's very upsetting. laura reeves is in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive. >> the penn state scandal, pennsylvania judge will sentence former penn state football coach 9l.y sandusky on october -- 9. prosecutors say some of the on the pennk place state campus. likely spend the rest of his life in prison. two former penn state administrators charged with scandal up the abuse be triedg to separately. lawyers for tim curley and gary schultz asked the justice but the cases against them. they pleaded not guilty and are expected to go on trial in january. let's shift our focus to the weather. a lot going on today. it's raining.
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day andit's just one ween the rest of the good.ks quite there's a light rain right now. it will pick up in intensity throughout today. looking at a live picture, 72 not a bad start. the roads are a little wet from .he rain overnight the big picture shows all the coming in from the south. that will continue. will be a steady stream pumping in throughout the day today. stay overcast and humid. we will see showers and then as thestorms later today front continues to provide a little more left in the afternoon today. the storm prediction center has risk categoryight
5:18 am
for severe and thunderstorms. you can see we are not alone. it is in parts of new england and stretching down to the carolinas. damaging wind will be the most widespread threat and even an tornado is possible. rainfall will be heavy at times. this computer model forecast between 1 inch and two the next 24 hours. might see water standing on roadways. caution. never want to drive through it. if you alternate route need to. today.skies showers and thunderstorms. be severely today. high temperature between 76 and 81. it will get very blustery. the wind will be gusting as much .s 30 miles an hour a south wind today. tomorrow we will be cooling down, 72. skies clearing. we will start to warm up through the rest of the week.
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another chance of thunderstorms saturday. we have not nailed down the timing on this. several models show it actually happening on sunday. we hope the roads are doing ok. >> they are. we always stressed that if you water and you are it, don't got through it. that's important. with all the rain expected later today, ponding is a definite area, so use caution. the beltway at connecticut u are headingse yo door, leaving college , beforeards 270 minorticut avenue, a shoulder.he left use caution. we are seeing a little volume on 270 leaving the frederick area, passing out 85 and route 80 urbana towards 109, produced from raindrops and
5:20 am
road spray. in virginia the beltway is quiet the 14th street bridge. on 395 and on d.c. 5 there's an accident near malcolm x. back to you. >> thank you. iphone frenzy reaching more new levels now. >> now details. >> the iphone 5 fever keeps building. preorders up 2 million in 24 hours. that more than doubled the old record. many people who ordered will not get their phone until next month. some people are using the message service have d or lost messages on the heels of the icloud outage that without e-mail a couple days. jetblue is getting ready to speed wi-fi.high- details expected later this week
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at an airline conference. calledg today, a project put all tvchive will news shows produced since 2009, from 20 channels, programs, on the web site.
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captioned by the national captioning institute like to have all
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.back of them three bad decisions. peyton manning in denver, the quarterback. was the final score. now tim brant has sports. >> hello. lot of folks talking about defense haskins struggled the first two weeks. the first game was masked by the wind. the defense has given up 400 yards in each of the first two. o florida foring t surgery. the defense needs to rebound. the nationals had last night off. game seriesa three- on. the dodgers tonight
5:26 am
south on. the national still have a five- withr the braves 16 games left to play. 10 of those are here at home. the braves beat the marlins last night, so it's getting interesting. >> they are a team that's going end. there until the we have some guys who have been this before and we that are very talented. >> the orioles lead the mariners last night. there's a look at sports. >> major-league baseball. a sticker under eyes that had a homophobic slur. he is expected to talk to the afternoon. jays are investigating and they say they don't support .iscrimination of any kind snowboarder shawn wright is
5:27 am
vandalism and public intoxication charges. pulled a fire alarm at a in national early sunday all guests tong evacuate. white is accused of destroying a l telephone and kicking a man before running away. fell and hit his head eventually. treated at a hospital and released. he's due in court next month. >> the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, new details in family's fight to of newublication family's fight to of newublication i'm done!
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this tuesday
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trouble for mitt romney's campaign. nominee defending comments he made during a fund-raiser. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, september 18. i am steve chenevey. >> thanks for waking up with us. i am pamela brown. watch.on storm severe weather headed our way later today. let's get straight to jacqui jeras. >> it will happen later this afternoon. the morning rain we are seeing light and is mainly in the shenandoah valley and westward. we are concerned about what will happen later today. damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will be possible. asvy rain potential, as much one or two inches expected. severe storms will be moving in by early to mid afternoon and continuing into the evening. will be moving fast. better weather is expected by wednesday and cooler temperatures. forecast, clear
5:32 am
or rather dry conditions. thunderstorms by 9:00, noon, 76 with scattered thunderstorms. storms by 5:00. now to jamie? . good at the 14th street bridge. 5 northbound before malcolm x, towards the 11th street bridge. maryland commuters on 50, the highway, a crash inbound, westbound 50, john prior to they beltway, this has been recently dispatched. a rescue unit is on the way. the entire beltway has no troubles. 270 nearowing on urbana. after the truck scales, a much better pace. back to you. >> thank you.
5:33 am
scramble for mitt romney's campaign. staffers courage to arrange a conference last night so he e madeexplain comments h during a fund-raiser in which he said almost half americans are victims and title to. brianne carter is outside the white house with more. romney is not apologizing for comments. it took an opportunity last night to try to explain. video comes from a closed door fund-raiser. video romney says 47% of obama supporters are dependent t and arevernmen to health care, food, and housing. the video was placed on the left wing website mother jones. he tried to explain, saying his comments were not elegantly stated and were taken off the cuff. voters in our area are reacting this. >> mother jones is an interesting place to get an unbiased news story credits. it goes to kill how out of touch
5:34 am
mainstream america and working-class families. -- it goes to show. >> mitt romney says that he like the entire video released. the obama campaign calls all this shocking. brianne carter reporting. >> president obama returns to the campaign trail today. rapper jay-z and his wife singer beyonce will host a fund-raiser in new york city today. tonight president obama will on the late show with david letterman. vice president biden will campaign in iowa. the white house announced y the president will still visit prince william on friday but he will woodbrige and not manassas as previously scheduled. myanmar pro-democracy leader aung san suu kyi will officially off her visit to the u.s. clintoneets secretary attend an event in
5:35 am
which she will receive the .ongressional gold medal winner andrize visitmentarians will also york and california during a 17-day u.s. trip. >> the man accused of shooting a guard at the family research council in washington expected in court today. prosecutors say floyd corkins walked into the conservative lobbying group's building last month and shot the guard. before he fired he said he did not like the group politics. the demand faces serious the worst one of cases of animal cruelty. according to court documents, gaskin swat team bill innton's for his daughter may. believe he d clouds the distance himself. they describe the way he did it torture. the kittens. >> they had broken bones and
5:36 am
severe infections in each of their toast. -- toes. >> he said he was planning to them to the veterinarian chance to doet a so. convicted, he faces jail time. a judge is expected to rule today on the request to stop photographs from being released of kate middleton. they say it was an invasion of privacy. the pictures appeared in the irish and italian tabloids most recently. is 69 degrees. hot and humid. in new york, folks apparently have a lot of time monaghan's. how long they have been camped outside. how long they have been camped outsi[ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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>> this is steady from the columbia white house for the blind. on september 29 at .ationals park for 5k race contact thus at our website. good morning, washington. its 5:39 on this tuesday. wet.s going to be let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> in the shenandoah valley and westward is where all the action is.
5:40 am
we did have some rain overnight, about a 10th of an inch in d.c. look at some of these numbers we have. frostburg, maryland, over an inch of rain. about three-quarters of an inch in hagerstown. about a half-inch in ms word. -- in emmitsburg. the greatest potential of getting severe weather will be damaging wind. that is enough to knock down a branches and some power showers and storms today, high of 76-81.e now, jamie. scour out 50, john hanson highway, heading towards the inbound the accident is 50. westbound 50 near route 704. lane is blocked before you get to the beltway. if you are heading south to the wilson bridge, looks good. not solworth avenue a
5:41 am
bad. spray in many areas. after urbana and hyattstown, sailing in smooth germantown, rockville, and the beltway. no problems at the chain bridge, had georgetown. 395, any delays forming -- not any delays. good at the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. thisational zoo tweeted of giant panda bear mei xiang. the white spot that she's cradling under her chin is the cub. there had been years of failed attempts and also pregnancies. it's not yet known whether it's a boy or girl. not be givenr will name until 100 days in keeping
5:42 am
with chinese culture. >> so much anticipation for this. this5:41 is the time, 69 tuesday.n this >> a 9-year-old boy has this elders.for his up ♪ll 'em elders.for his up ♪[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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helps him depit his checks. jay also like it when moththr nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at c citibank. >> i love this video. coming up at 6:00 on "good g washington, and what led cadets in annapolis to style".t "gangnam >> and how to get your kids to more fruits and vegetables. and we will talk about
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s learned from the d.c. sniper attack. it has been 10 years. that's coming up at 6:00. a big celebration is about to get underway in honor of 175 veterans.ed war ii their bravery and contributions special ceremony tomorrow in montgomery county. is tonight at 5:00 thought we will to a 97-year-old veteran. hear his story tonight. the big announcement in haiti former president bill clinton. visited a hotel school set up in of the 2010 and earthquake. he announced new funds for the impoverished nation. l receive $12 million fund that helps to in health, education, housing. >> [indiscernible] i am very grateful. but mr. clinton was named the un
5:47 am
envoy to haiti in 2009. today he met with a group seeking to encourage more investment to make it easier for o operate in haiti. for the first time an american from then are hearing former boyfriend of amanda knox. >> he will appear on the katie about thew to talk mader case headlines, is life reunionison, and his knox.manda book is being released today. you can get that interview today right here on abc 7. >> class is resume today at baton'sa state rouge campus after a bomb threat. thousands of people told leave the phone to incorrect. sniffing dogs did a sweep the buildings on campus, but no explosives were found. 180 occupy protesters were in new york city. they celebrated the occupy wall
5:48 am
street movement's anniversary yesterday in new york city in the financial district. they try to form a human chain york stocknew but police prevented that. the new iphone does not hit friday, but you not believe that if you look outside. new york folks have been days alreadye outside the flag ship store. days, andine, three three more days to go. >> it is just my character. i like being first. like ordering anything that's old, kind of boring. >> apple says it could take a to fulfill all the orders. the new iphone will have a screen, updated software, etc. order online right now, two-weekoking at a delay, at least. >> we are getting a closer look
5:49 am
at shares of apple. calledmcdonald's classic. is at bloomberg headquarters in new york. you mentioned apple. futures indicating a lower open. the day apple at $700 -- above $700 a for the first time ever. the orders of the iphone 5 units in oneion day. double the sales record set by the previous model. demand is exceeding initial supplies so far. some pre orders will not reach customers until october. grumman is bracing for job cuts. the defense contractor may trim by six under workers e to billions of proposed pentagon budget cuts. it also has accepted buyouts from 590 employees from its
5:50 am
aerospace division. the mcrib fans will have to wait a little longer. the pork sandwich will not be e until the second half of december. it was supposed to make an in october and november, bob mcdonnell decided plan to enhance advertising opportunities for the fourth quarter. that is business news at bloomberg headquarters. decided to change. change plan plan.change its >> i like those. >> it makes me nauseous. >> comfort food is good. meat and potatoes in your is the storm threat. watchingat we will be afternoon into the overnight. it is humid and cloudy. we got a little rain overnight.
5:51 am
it's dry in the metro. in the higher elevations is where the rain really has been for the most part. it's will move in throughout the day. a constant stream of moisture coming in from the south. the wind will increase as well. gusts around 30 miles an hour and a possible today. across the great lakes is a cold front that will sweep all of of here in pretty quick order. this time tomorrow, to drier weather can be expected. today's threat of severe in the slight risk category from the storm center, meaning we will see damaging winds, a few possible as we will have a lot of wind shear in .tmosphere the wind will be changing with h height.t look at the computer model forecast. between 1 inch and two
5:52 am
inches of rain. be standing water on the roadways today. the cautious. the drive home could be nasty. cloudy skies and showers and storms, 76-81 degrees expected today. showers ending late this evening. much better by tomorrow. we hope traffic will be better tomorrow as well. we do have some problems. there's a lot of rain. time to. your to looks like we have a little.haking a there's a crash on the beltway just unfolding. we will go to the next camera. on the outeris loop west headed from college 270 before 355. there's a fire truck on the way. two lanes to the right are getting by. losing two lanes of the beltway now. you need to plan for the extra time coming around the beltway and out of greenbelt.
5:53 am
now, delays just beginning on the approach to connecticut avenue. we will keep you posted. in virginia, 95 northbound, continues. lorton to newington, accident on the side. back to you. >> thank you. old boy in brooklyn has people wear baggy pants and let them fall down. he says it's time to pull them up. >> he has found a creative way eo get his message to th public. >> i see wrappers on tv with ieir pants sagging and thought it was wrong. >> the 9-year-old did something it.t "pull 'em up, pull 'em up pull your pants up" >> the posting on youtube has made a fourth grader a hero to in his brooklyn neighborhood.
5:54 am
>> for child his age to bring shouldon to that, it kids feellder ashamed. many adults have tried and failed with the message. like those wearing the controversial trent, as only a put it, he said they looked foolish. it is disrespecting themselves and others who have to watch that. video was shot in brooklyn. he has been performing since he was 5 and has a theory why many pants. wear saggy >> they are around all this negativity like cursing and like and they want to act are bad and that they run .he streets i don't think it's cool. >> they have been received by all the kids and they say, look,
5:55 am
man, i am pulling up my pants. >> you are very special little boy. >> a lot of people tell me that. i think about it sometimes a lot. >> you believe it? >> yes. has a bright future? . degrees on this tuesday. a big treat for michael jackson fans. 25 years since the release of "bad." we will have details on the anniversary edition of the today.hich is out anniversary edition of the todasofa... desk... u know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. former san diego chargers linebacker junior seau will be inducted into a wall of champions, forgoing the normal inducted into the in february. are normally not eligible until two years after careers or deaths. junior's sale committed suicide california back in may. appears members of the military drinking more. the institute of medicine of active duty0% personnel engaged in heavy drinking in 2008. from 35% to 47% from 1998-2008. this say outdated methods, have hinderedre pentagon's efforts to deal
5:59 am
problem. out younger e brakess are hitting th on car shopping. to the car shopping site, new purchases between 18 dropped 35%. old experts have blamed the economy but others say it could be due moving from the suburbs to urban areas and blame social media. 46% of the 18-24 years old with accent -- ed that over on a car. it may sound hard to believe the 20th -- 25s of the release of " out of.ackson's "bad isand anniversary edition hitting the shelves today. it features new music and never before seen -- the action frome of an jackson's catalog since his in june of 2009.

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